• writerbyheartandsoul 6w

    She's made of literature, philosophy, love, and gratitude.
    She prefers vintage aroma of old book pages over fragrance of flowers.
    She wants to focus on aligning her chakras instead of focusing on symmetry of eyeliner on her eyes.
    She wants to shed her insecurities, fears, and anxiety instead of the extra weight of her body.
    She is taking efforts to attach the strings of her brain and heart in this world of 'no strings attached'.
    She melts like cheese into acoustic music as well as gets charged with some good rock track.
    On some days she is meditating and on the other days she is all about Zumba and squats.
    She wants to have good time on beaches and exciting times while climbing mountains.
    She looks for someone who can make love to her soul.
    She craves for someone who fucks her mind hard with poetry.
    She desires for someone who will undress her scars and kiss them passionately.
    She wants someone who gazes her ferociously and has a touch soft like feather.
    She wants to get lost into the beauty of sky, water, sunrise, sunset and moon has to offer.
    She wants to taste loyalty and feel unconditional love, and not just fiery kisses and orgasms.
    She wants all the affection and gentleness after intense and wild sex.
    She wants someone who just plants a kiss on her lips while she smiles.
    She wants a gentle love from a wild soul.
    She wants peace yet aggression, white as well as black, brightness and darkness that soothes her heart and gives her soul an adrenaline rush.
    Yes, she is a paradox with serene heart and a soul that is assertive.

    ~Ruchira Gurudatt