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    Every story has a beginning, ours has no end....

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    Love..Start to Finish

    17th November 2019
    Met in the aisle of an airplane,
    Pure and Sane.
    Eyes met, hearts collided.
    Take off roll, up above and we glided,
    The lights came on, our capes worn on.
    That eye contact and that little smile, the day went on.
    Work, Work, Work.

    Words exchanged, feelings the same.
    Started of as friends nothing changed!
    Small talk to endless conversations,
    Yes, that’s just transition.

    28th March 2020
    📍Melbourne City, our hearts pure and pretty.
    I knock on your door as we planned to meet, I’m sorry im late! You said “it’s alright have a seat”
    Nervous as ever, felt like forever.
    As I looked into your eyes, that golden hour, I saw the sun set in your eyes.
    What a beautiful, sight!
    It’s half past 6, and it’s time to go!
    You hugged me “I said never let go”
    A feeling, never felt before.

    Our first walk in the park, your eyes sparkled in the dark.
    The smell of your perfume, filled the air, nothing could ever compare.
    Our hands met,
    Your hands so cold, you had my soul.
    “Madam, your cab has arrived” it’s now time to go.
    Leaned in, our first kiss! Let’s go back, it’s the kiss I really miss.

    “Honey I’m home” I knew you were safe! That always, Put a smile on my Face.

    Walks on the street, sometimes by corniche,
    Hand in hand, though, never had our toes in the sand!
    Hungry to a point, we nearly threw up “hey, it’s Johnny Rockets, our burger showed up”
    Certainly didn’t disappoint.

    Months passed by, Our bond ever so strong, more than lovers we were best friends all along.
    Walk in the super market, grabbed an empty cart.
    “Eating booty like groceries, we over loaded our carts”
    My lady, so tired! We sat on a bench, shared our first ice cream, believe me it was the best.

    It’s a couple months now, we’ve had our ups and downs, we stood by each other
    Our love didn’t run out...

    23rd July 2020
    It’s the year’s worst month, redundancy came calling.
    Yes, I had to go!
    Held her so close, assured her it’s gonna be alright, I’d fly across the ocean to kiss her goodnight.

    As, we spent our last few days, hoping things will be alright,
    Tring, tring ( you’ve been listed on the next flight)
    Uncertain, and dejected!
    We said our goodbyes, as I wiped the tears off of her eyes.

    Distance outgrew us, and we weren’t the same,
    Few months later, she didn’t remember my name!
    So I look up old conversations, maybe I wasn’t the best, I may have messed up,
    But working it through distance was the real test.

    Well, I haven’t heard from her and I’m running out of words, though I’ll tell you she’s the best,
    Wherever she maybe, she certainly deserves all the Happiness, Love, Respect and the Best..

    So, please take care of her, she’s my lady as you know,
    She loves warm hugs that keeps her from the cold.
    She also loves ice creams, Incase you didn’t know, don’t make me sit you by the fire place, you wouldn’t liked to be told.

    Have a white Christmas, while mine be so blue,
    It’s been a tough year,
    But,One last time!
    I want you to know,
    I truly love you!
    Today, Tomorrow and Forever.
    (Colleagues...acquaintances...friends...partners...strangers.....) ©MillChill

    ∞ Every story has a beginning, ours has no end ∞ ©MillChill