• infectious_ink 5w

    Lost love

    Ahem!! So why are we here? He: just for some fresh air. I know you love this place. You come here often to spend some alone time. She: jeez! How do you know all that? He: I just know. 2 minutes of awkward silence.
    She: I think we should go. It’s quite late And it looks like it’s gonna rain.
    He: just five more minutes. Another awkward silence. She: okay. Take your time. I am gonna go and freshen up. She wanted to hug him so tight in that cold breeze but rather preferred to hide her feelings from him. She turned around and was ready to leave. He broke the silence and said,
    “Ishi, I love you. I really do”. She smiled. She wanted to believe him but was just too scared. She: do you, huh? Well, I love you too. He: I know. But I want us to work. We are living in the same house but living two different lives. I want us to share our lives. She: that’s true but don’t you think that’s amazing? We have given all the space to each other. So no chance of fights. He: but I want all that. I want to fight with you on petty things, I want you to disagree with me and argue just like old times. She: look, I love you. I love doing what I do for you. You have got my back always. But at the same time, I don’t expect even a bit of anything from you. That’s what you always wanted, right? All the space and no emotional pressure from your girl. Well, you got that. He: let’s start over.
    And this quarantine helped them find their lost love.