• stfu_ahmed 9w

    Dear Katherine

    I feel attracted
    By your oceanic eyes
    I feel the rain pouring down
    When you walk in the room
    Dear Katherine!
    I wish you were broken
    Left without anyone
    So that i could fix you
    Just look me in the face
    And tell me those pretty lies
    About making memories
    Even when i am not alive

    Watching the sunset by your side
    Reaching the top with you as my wife
    I hope that i never showed you those dreams
    My life is kinda short
    But you're pretty young
    I wish you the best
    Hope you find someone like me
    Who can cover you in his arms
    And take you to the stars.

    But in my dreams
    You're with me
    We talk and laugh and sing all high
    By the boulevard side
    Is that what you think too?
    Or is it just me in my dreams?
    Words fall short in my mind
    I am just dreaming, dreaming.
    And hoping, hoping
    Can't blank you out of my mind
    Silly me; just dazzling by the ocean side.

    I hope you know
    That you're beautiful
    Pretty faces never lie
    I just want you by my side
    It would be fun
    Riding through the city
    In a Bugatti
    Just you and me
    Fuck the people
    It's the usual day
    Don't care what they say

    I love you baby
    Trust me when i say
    I don't wanna leave you
    But when i am not here
    Don't forget me
    Say hello
    To my ghost
    Lurking around you
    I don't fucking care
    But i ain't leaving here

    Say that you love me
    I am just craving, craving
    To find those silly words
    Can't get them out
    Typical of me
    But trust me when i say
    That i need you
    Can't wait anymore
    To start it all
    Will you hold me close?
    Dear Katherine
    I wish i was someone
    Whom you could be with
    But alas! I am no one like that
    Just hold my hands
    And say goodbye
    I hope this dream never ends
    Katherine, will you be mine?