• mhiz_ehma 5w


    When I was five, mum told be bout Santa, he rewards good kids with gifts. I remember working hard the whole year to be on Santas good list.

    When I was eight, mum told me bout the tooth fairy. My gum hurt so bad but I was excited, I was gon get a dollar or two.

    When I was eleven, mum thought me bout my cycle. My pelvis hurt so bad but I was excited at becoming a woman, being grown up.

    Now I'm twelve, mum slept, she didn't wake. Everyone is crying, I don't understand why. Just wake her up I say to grandma, mum can be a bit of a heavy sleeper, one time I had sprinkle a little water on her, just wake her up and stop crying.

    Now I'm twelve, mum didn't wake, I screamed and yelled still mum didn't wake, I poured a bucket of water on her still mum didn't wake, I promised to be good still mum didn't wake. It hurts worse than my pelvis, it hurts more than my tooth..... Why didn't mum wake?