• thegirlcalledamari 6w


    She promised to take back what was rightfully hers with Fire and Blood,
    Her intentions and motives felt honest and righteous almost pure even
    She sentenced the evil ones to death, the ones who refused to bow to her highness and those you opposed her mission,

    Her heart was scarred with grief, pain, loss and motivation to rule the seven kingdoms that had been stolen from her
    She never stopped to think about the effects of her pain in her decisions, the way it twisted her reasoning and justified evil with self righteousness

    She had been cursed by her birth
    The result of a forbidden and defiled altercation
    Fathered by the Mad king and mothered by the raped queen
    Relatives who married each other,
    Creating a imbalanced scale of good and bad
    Always one tip away from going either way

    A coin had been flipped by the gods,
    In rotation while she grew
    Always turning to heads or tails
    And when it finally landed on the burnt ground
    Everyone knew then the side her fate was on

    A broken heart had tipped the scale once
    Being used By Viserys to gain power
    Her own brother turning her into a whore was a pain she bottled up
    Allowing him to toy with her innocence and their similar goal
    His death had tipped the scale again
    She watched with a determined mind as the melted metal wrapped itself around his head and embedded itself in his skull
    She enjoyed his relentless screech and watched as his body flopped to the ground, lifeless
    “Oh how the supposed mighty one has fallen” she must have thought

    Then her first love’s death,
    She had trusted a woman she showed mercy to heal Drogon, to heal the husband she had developed affection for,
    She sacrificed the child that grew in her belly, The great Stallion that would have mounted the world,
    If only she could go back to that day,
    She would have sat and watched the witch raped to near death, then she would have finished her off herself
    At this time, her pain could be justified
    But no one knew that this path she had created was one that would lead to mass destruction? That the justification of pain and purpose would ultimately lead to madness?

    Yet she was believed in,
    She could always justify that she has lost so much and hurt beyond comparison
    But what she never realized was the fact that she and Cersei were never really so different,
    Cersei would have watched the world burn because of her ambitions as Daenerys did,
    As a true queen,
    She would have saved the innocents she claimed she came to free from terror and claim the prize she came for, to sit on the great Iron Throne she had suffered and fought for and ruled Westeros peacefully

    Though Cersei died eventually after killing Messandei, she died after accomplishing what she might not even know she had. She unleashed the madness that had been creeping slowly to the surface of Daenerys’ heart and showed everyone even Jon Snow himself, how cruel and evil she had always been underneath her own facade of self righteousness, power and recovery from grief.

    As she had suffered loss all her life,
    She also loved unconditionally,
    But the curse never let her be,
    Falling for her nephew, Jon Snow, who has morals and an upbringing from the north, was a sign of her bad fortune,
    And with all that,
    He was the one who put a dagger in her heart,
    The heart that had gone cold without her own realization.
    The blood in her veins had iced out and only two trinkets of blood signified that she had only little time before all the blood in her veins became non existent.

    She had to look into the eyes of her lover,
    Into the eyes of the man she loved as she took her last breathe and last sight of the throne she had travelled and fought the world for,
    Maybe in that small space of time,
    The realization and flash back of her life came to play and maybe she saw the mistakes she’d made and regretted it.

    She died in the arms of Jon Snow,
    Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful queen of the Andals and the First Men, protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains,
    Died by the hand of the man she loved and by a single dagger in her heart.

    Most people sigh when they finish watching or reading about her story and wonder how a kind woman with great ambitions turned evil from out of the blues but what most who didn’t pay attention don’t get is the fact that she had always been the bad guy, she had always been the Mad Queen, the only thing that masked this quality of hers were the circumstances that surrounded the evil she committed until the unjustifiable end.