• lalekan 5w

    Scarlet - dirt, Red - soap

    Scarlet be my dirt,
    Red be thy soap.
    Looking back in time,
    before thy figure gave me a lens.
    Half blind, half in sight.
    I couldn’t see the road.
    Looking into the deep seas,
    I saw the horizon.

    Their talks be my fall,
    yours talks my rising.
    Listening to your talks,
    I saw my fall.
    Half blind, half in sight.
    Then, the morning came.
    Looking forward to a dance,
    with the foe or the fowler?

    Scorching sunlight,
    I saw the lens you gave.
    Looking into the horizon,
    I saw your star.
    Scarlet be your garment,
    Red be my robe.
    Of the foe I know his end,
    but the fowler becomes the friend.

    Ayomide Ajayi