• liahos_poetry 6w

    Autumn teach me that distraction is also beautiful like the leaves fall down and the tree's get naked but the vibe flows positive and lovable indeed.

    I look at the sunset that teaches me the ending, that is also beautiful like the evening sky looks like a painting canvas and the bright sun hides in darkness by creating a masterpiece in the sky.

    I look at life, it reminds me that we are born to die but before that we create some memories, fun and meet the love of our life. When we born we cry and we also cry while we say the final goodbye.

    I wrote those poems that reminds me once I loved immensely, truly, genuinely and I may not stay forever but my poetry and those Word's are the evidence that once a lover loved her.

    When I finished my first novel about her I realised I wrote everything from meeting her to what happened if she will be mine. Then I get that if it actually happened I may never write the story what makes someone cry and happy at the same time.

    After I live a small part of my life I realised that time isn't heal everything, we do work to overcome the situation and those work create a new scenario what help us to fade away that painful memory.

    I play a different character in my life, for someone I may A Poet, for someone I may A Writer, for someone, I may A Novelist, for someone, I may A Storyteller but I think I am playing just character of A Lover who loved a girl selflessly. And some of my love convert into words and describes through poetry and story. ©liahos

    #realisation #autumn #evening #love #characters

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