• london_sky 5w


    The feeling of drowning repeating everyday
    As I try to gasp for air each morning I wake up to pray
    A little chant in my head of insanity whispers "It will be okay it's a new day".
    The ringing of 00:00am hits my head, suddenly I am spiraling into a fantasy beyond reality.
    Who am I to stand like this against society?
    Being myself once so easy, the older I get the harder things seem to be.
    Why can't I just escape these pressuring voices on my head and just be marked down in their books as dead?
    I just want to wake up for once happy in bed, instead of crying all night in fear of making a disappointment out of my whole life.
    The fear nothing will change enters my mind, I just want to dance, dance until everything seems fine, until my body is the thing you'll find.
    Leave me here under this ocean where I so foolishly drown myself under the pressure of the waves.