• sanmitdethe_ 6w

    I hope you find someone who will slowly lessen your loneliness until it completely goes away.

    Someone who will not run away after seeing the rifts in your heart, but instead will go out of the way to stand by you.

    I hope you find someone who will care about the troubles that are living inside your head. Someone who will understand why you overthink. Someone who will honestly tell you everything that's on his mind, so you will not have to worry and doubt yourself.

    I hope you find someone better than the last person you loved
    I hope that you will be ready to enter relationship again, you will carefully choose someone whom you will be certain about spending your future with.i hope you will not settle for less. I hope you will not commit to someone who doesn't realise the value your heart holds.

    I hope you find the right one.
    I hope you find someone who will be able to handle your enthusiasm about life, your loud and energetic vibes, your total independence, and your passion in pursuit of your dream. I hope you find the person who will help