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    His Mighty Hand Of Exploits (Part 3)

    Tue June 12th, 2018

    His Mighty Hand Of Exploits (Part 3)

    1 Peter 5:6

    Olanrewaju Abraham Sule

    1 Peter 5: 6. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:

    It might interest you to know that the most beautiful habit that you can wear is Humility. If you are truly humble then, you will be obedient to instructions. You will carry out your duty effectively.

    One solid attribute of disobedient is pride. If you are proud, God will set Himself to oppose and crush you. "for He resisted the proud, when he giveth grace to the humble".

    I agree with Saint Augustine who said, "It was pride that changed angels into devils, it is Humility that makes men as angels". You have to be humble because God has inscribed you on the palms of His hand (Isaiah 49:16).

    To experience God's Mighty Hand Of Exploits in your life then Humility is very important. Where God giveth grace to the humble, He will give more grace, more wisdom, more faith, more holiness and Humility.

    If you are proud, His Almighty hand will pull you down but if you are humble, His hand will exalt you. Deliverance will start when Humility has taken root in the heart. Salvation is experienced thereby.

    Teach me how to be humble in my daily conduct I pray. Amen.