• shadowsandechoes 6w

    You pull down your skirt
    like a papyrus rolled
    scared you were baring
    more knee than prescribed
    fearful you might just fit into those
    axiomatic details of a whore described
    His tongue lolling out
    like a dog in the heat
    he smirks, he licks
    his chapped lips in glee
    from the opposite seat
    of the speeding Metro
    At paranoia's nudge
    you spring in your seat
    wishing you could magically procure
    a dupatta to drape
    your freshly manicured legs
    or atleast push back his tongue
    like an unwanted item ejected somehow
    out of a broken vending machine

    Paranoia plays hide and seek
    its chameleon flesh blending into
    anything and everything
    You summon a smile
    as your date greets you
    pulling your chair
    taking your coat like the gentleman he is
    And without fail...
    Paranoia's whisper in your ear
    "he hates your size
    your big feet and freckles
    smudged lipstick and cheap mascara
    your compact powder's peeling off
    he can see your skin as three shades black
    with the epic makeup fail, your ugly's coming back"
    you hum a Guns and Roses
    in your head
    trying hard to dispell its voice
    carefully maintaining all this time
    the dignified facade of your perfect poise

    Fingers searching
    trending hashtags to accompany
    the photo of your eventful evening
    on your instagram page
    sweating palms
    retinas strained
    eyes watering from staring
    at your screen for too long
    for the 'likes' haven't accelerated
    for about fifteen minutes now
    what more can you do?
    the picture was in 1080p
    and the hashtags swimming
    in their own abundance.
    So why did three unfollow?
    puncturing pride with a virtual knife?
    "Maybe" sniggers Paranoia,
    "What you need is a far better life."

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    ( This poem is about the insecurities about ourselves that we struggle with on a daily basis )

    Paranoia was the reptilian watcher
    its sleek scales cold
    against the skin of your neck
    paranoia spit
    sporadic acid balls of denigration
    feeding on fear and quiet resignation

    ( contd in caption )