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    "It's so common, it could be anyone. The trouble is that nobody wants to talk about it .And that makes everything worse. This disease comes with a package: shame. Had it been any other part of the body, you'd get sympathy.
    -Ruby Wax

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    Today, while having a casual conversation, we stumbled upon a case. It's a boy aged 5. He was born in India and raised there till he was 2. Then his family shifted to UAE. Now the family has shifted back to India.
    The boy is now a victim of behavioural disorder. His speech is underdeveloped, and since the day he shifted back to India it's like he just stopped interacting with people.
    We hadn't finished the details of it yet when a middle aged woman started speaking.
    " It's all farce. Children and parents now a days find mental illness as a lame excuse to escape from reality and get things done. "
    Let me ask you, what does it cost you to accept that maybe the child is having trouble? He's 5, what kinda responsibility do you think he's running away from by "faking" mental illness? This constantly changing environment may be stressful for the child, after all he is still a baby.
    This attitude towards mental health issues upsets me.
    Mind is the strongest yet most fragile organ of the body. We need to take care of it as much as any other part of the body.
    A society with healthy minds also promises less crime and more peace.
    How long will you ignore the mind?
    After all, health isn't only about what you eat. It's about what you are thinking and feeling too.