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    The Act of the Dead

    Night after night
    She first scatters flowers
    Then herself on the bed,
    The vision-barred snake
    Now awakens: Hissing!
    Her body akin to a pungi
    Of a snake-charmer
    Hypnotizing with lust-
    This limb-less creature,
    That till the time music plays on
    Or all the venom that there is
    Gets spilled out
    Does all the act
    As directed by her,
    Blindly, faithfully
    Hissing futilely inside
    A dead flower...
    They all watch this 'Tamasha',
    Clap and laugh,
    The Charmer and the snake
    Feeding from it -
    Their failures,
    Their incompetencies....
    But they know-
    all those spectators
    Are nothing more than
    Half-Dead humans,
    Cherishing that all they have
    Is failed lesser than someone else.

    (P.C. -
    https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qAY3nz: Art by Maya Kern)

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    The Act of the Dead