• in_betweens 31w

    Buy your daughter Barbie dolls.
    But tell her that it is not the standard of beauty.
    That her eyes look perfect,
    with or without eyeliner.
    And even better,
    when they shrink as she laughs.
    There is not a single face on this planet that doesn't get pretty while smiling.

    And it will be better,
    if you teach your son how to make braids.

    buy your daughter footballs and cars.
    Let her dream of owning one on her own.
    And you son,
    a kitchen set.
    Let him know that he needs to learn cooking too.

    May be,
    we need to change the pattern of upbringing our children.
    Change the threats we give to them.
    Change their fears and strengths.
    Because somewhere inside,
    almost every girl is afraid to marry.
    And inside and outside,
    almost every boy is excited to be married.

    "Be a man, and do this".
    Should be replaced with,
    "Be a woman, and face your problems instead of behaving like a man and creating them."