• nazifa 5w

    Nah, not pretty

    The hair adorning this head
    isn't an alluring waterfall
    But underneath dwells a mind
    bearing skills of a love so fulfilling.
    You do not feel enchanted by small eyes
    Maybe, for poetry too glorifies big ones.
    But they are a mirror, oh dear!
    Which reflect you as a coral, or a pearl
    with no rival.
    This nose isn't a pretty, pointed one,
    Yet it smells you as the most fragrant rose.
    These lips are not pinkish,
    "The effect of cheap childhood lipstick",
    but they know the art to kiss your tears
    And teach you, crying too can have a
    comforting end.
    This bosom is not a beautiful abode,
    Inside the ribs lies a heart,
    with a couch for you to lie with a
    carefree heart.
    Skin lacks fairness like those in movies and magazines,
    But with a warmth you'd restlessly seek,
    when woeful winter arrives.
    Ugly pox marks stay in her like scars
    And as you taste her nectar of affection,
    They start seeming like gleaming stars.
    This journey is mundane, your
    companion, pale.
    If the surface is to you, reality
    But beyond every existence of beautiful
    When you dive deeper,
    To experience the indelible adventure.