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    A small trip to the ancestral house.

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    A Short Trip: Dear Diary

    It was mid-June. After scorching summer heat finally, the monsoon had arrived in Bengal. As the summer heat was unbearable, we didn't make any vacation programs. Though my summer vacation was over then, my family made an unexpected plan to ancestral house. I had never gone before there. The day started with a rainy note. It was 4:30 am of the morning, I woke up and my mom got surprised as I usually don't wake up at that time. I got ready and prepared myself for the little experience. I heard from my Dad that our parental house is in East Midnapore district near Daspur. We started our journey by car. I knew it would take three to four hours to reach there. I sat on beside driver's sit as I navigated him pursuance of Google map. I was then studying the outside landscape. The cloudy sky was looking delicious and, the diffracted light through the clouds was playing hide and seek role. I remained to stuck at the scenery. Then the light rain began again. The raindrops were falling on the windscreen and over and again the wipers were wiping them out. I put an earphone on and listened to some favourite songs. I kept the volume low on my smartphone as if someone would call me I could hear. Then finally we reached Daspur. I was so excited to see our ancient house. The car stopped in a village. There was verdurous view outside. We got out from the car and, I felt the wave of fresh, moist air, gave me goosebumps. Uncle parked the car on an open field. I head towards there to see the house. It was pretty big. As it is count's house, I felt proud because I'm from this family. I thought it would be great to show off some friends of this house. So, I captured it on my smartphone. Then, an unknowing boy came out from the main gate and desperately asked me that where my parents were. I stared at him first. So, he said,"Why are you staring? I am Aayansh your cousin, nice to meet you! What is your name?" I stopped staring and said him,"I am Soureen. Nice to meet you too." I got stuck for a jiffy because I didn't know that villagers speak in English. My Grandma called me and asked," How are you feeling now? Have you introduced yourself to Aayansh?". I told her yes with the feeling of embarrassment. Aayansh is a simplistic boy and a great English story writer. I didn't know then. He welcomed us with his family as they know we were coming. We gradually become good friends. While I got know him I introduced myself and, he did it too. We shared our thoughts, likes & dislikes e.t.c. Then I narrated him that I got surprised by his first introduction. Then he said to me,"I am a writer". He showed me then his all writings. I got verbally astounded by his writing skills. We spent there near one week. He showed me the way how paddy produced and processed. While we went to fishing, I caught a big fish for the first time in my life. At the fen shore, I saw a girl filling her earthen ewer with fen water. She was beautiful, fair and, her hair was in plaited. She wore a beautiful saree. I got stuck again and gazed at her. Aayansah shoved me and my moments broke apart. He asked the known question and, I answered him,"Nothing". He again said," I know you have a gazing habit, Right!" I queried," Do you know the girl?" He said," No, Why?" sounding puzzled. I thought it would be better to keep the words secret. I simply said," Oh, okay! No, randomly asked." Then I saw her walked away with the earthen ewer. Then there was a freshwater lake near the fen, we had swum there and took a bath. Every day I tasted there some new kind of varieties homemade village foods. The veggies were fresh and cooked with the best kind of homemade spices. Finally, the day came to say bye. I had enjoyed the entire holiday, while we were returning home I felt sad because I would going to miss the small trip. I shook hand with Aaynash and said,"Bye! I'll miss you." He said the same and, we squeezed each other. We shared our phone numbers and left the place.