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    "Do you know what you have done!?" Ruddy shouted. "I can't believe you, why would you do this to me. You've just shown me that you are my enemy, you want my downfall ".
    "Please calm down". Pleaded Ciwa. "I never knew it meant so much to you. I'm so sorry, I won't do it again".
    "Well there will be no next time". Murmured Ruddy. "At least not for a long time".
    He stalked off.
    He went into the other room and called his best friend, Fred. Fred is Ciwa's brother and his best friend.
    "Fred, do you know what your sister just did?". He asked Fred.
    Fred laughs. "Yes, she told me". He replied.
    Ruddy is shocked. "You are laughing?".
    "Bro, it's just a hair. Said Fred.
    "Yes, but it took me long to grow that hair, do you know how much beard oil I bought? When it finally started growing, I had hope that I would start screaming beard gang very soon, now that hope is dashed". Cried Ruddy.
    He ended the call, looked up and said. "God you made that hair on my chin to grow before. God answer me please, will it grow back?"