• juby2507 6w

    Often I wonder what is my purpose? To wake up go to work, clean home, eat and sleep àgain. So that someday I die and get forgotten like mañy faceless names. Just a number of census. Ofcourse the occasional heartbreaks or anger
    But I realised I am a human. This is what life is. Not everyone gets assigned a purpose and have a biopic made on them. It's ok to feel a certain way, do my chores and doze off to bed.
    The important part beiñg " doing what I love"

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    No other species can hold a smartphone and write down their feelings to be published on a social platform
    I can.
    So with the time I have left
    And the privilege given to me,
    I will live my life with glee.
    I will return this privilege
    With gratitude,
    The universe made strong
    So I can find any cure;
    I am human
    And human shall I be…
    Ñot for likes, subscribe and viral fame
    I will live this blessings
    As my personal endgame!