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    ~My little sister Esthu~

    I remember the day my little sister was born, I was hardly 5years old but I exclaimed Oh God not another one!!
    As she grew older it was hard to believe Esthu my little brat now in a teen-agers dream,
    We shared a room through the years
    I used to combed her hair,
    Wiped away her tears
    Tried to keep her happy,
    And calm all her fears,
    Being her Elder sister was not that easy.
    Had to deal with all Nonsense.
    She was always ahead of me!
    And walked with pride claiming to be
    Papa's little princess!!
    Our childhood memories our so precious!!
    I still remember dropping her to the ground!!
    Hating her for stealing my clothes!
    But being her defender when she's broke.
    As kids we had
    Fusses and fights Long, sleepless nights Snuggled up together I dim the lights,
    She used to scream out of fright.
    My little sister I want you to know
    As you're growing up and getting older.
    Know that I'm always here, I'm not going anywhere.,
    I'm there with you.
    You're in my heart and my prayers.
    Just know I'm here, because I truly care.
    So my dear sweet sister, I proclaim with no fear That I will love you forever year after year.

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