• princess_diary 6w

    You are my sunshine
    Only one and mine
    Umbrella in rainy time

    Alway near you are never away
    Right or wrong i will be there
    Everything is fine when you smile

    Mysterious eyes in which I'm lost
    Yet filled with different emotions

    Renowned feelings of my heart
    Affection and care that never breaks
    I wanna be with you forever
    Nothing will change even if you are away
    Bringing back the smile of yours
    One that make my heart feel butterflies
    Wanna see you always shine

    Another day will bring new memories
    Never gone forget old one
    Down the memory lane always be present

    I see you in dream day & night

    Magical feeling when i see you
    Its so amazing I can't describe
    Sweet moments that i remember
    So will love you forever

    You will alway be in my heart
    One that alway takes away my sleep
    Undying love will make its way.
    #acrostic #wod #love #life #smile #cute #sweet #beautiful #magical #lost #dreams #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeeapp #writersnetwork

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