• teriknows 5w

    Try Me

    Let me introduce myself my name is Crystal Meth, but you can call me Speed,
    Go ahead and try me I'm better than any weed,
    Once I have gained entry I will consume your mind,
    I will be your soulmate, yes I am one of a kind,
    Once I've gained your trust I will own your soul,
    You will steal from your family just to get a bowl,
    I will turn you into someone you never thought you'd be,
    Just because you found pleasure in that first line, you'll see,
    What was once important to you, you will soon cast aside,
    All that will consume your mind is how you can get "HIGH",
    The power i will have won't be enough for me,
    Until I drag you down to the pitts of hell, you'll see,
    I will take all your money and all that you hold dear,
    Soon you will be alone with me and then it will be quite clear,
    Another bowl, line or shot that's all you will want my dear,
    I will be your everything and nothing else will matter at all,
    Then I will stand by and watch while you lose it all,
    Then I will leave your side just for a while,
    See I keep you wanting me that is my style,
    Now that you have lost your home and family let's see what more I can take,
    It doesn't take a "Rocket Scientist", to see that I am fake,
    Suddenly you will find yourself behind bars, you'll see,
    Because all you want is little old me,
    Your addiction will take over and you'll remain in the game,
    Everything and everyone else you will say is to blame,
    The blame is your addiction and you took the bait,
    Then your not sure about what lies in your fate,
    So before you pick up think really deep,
    Is this the fate you want? If so, your soul is mine to keep!

    By Teri Weitzman