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    Moving ahead is a strange thing, sometimes we make the choice of doing so, but end up being pushed into it other times too.

    Ready or not, we have to embrace it no matter how difficult it may seem. Even when you think you're completely prepared for it or even when you think you're not, you always leave behind somethings.

    When we leave a place, we leave behind a few people : friends, or maybe family too. Sometimes stuff that is important to us that we once thought to never let go and sometimes people we thought would be with us at all times.

    Similarly when we leave a relationship, we leave behind something more valuable, a piece of ourselves. It is a part of us that knew love like never before, a part of us who has buried inside it the memories of only one person and a part of us which deep inside wants to cling on to everything that has to do with that one person.

    But does that mean we completely lose that part of ourselves with that someone? Maybe we do. Though we are not incomplete, we carry with us the part of that someone with us too forever. It sometimes is enough to fill the hole from that part that dettached from us, and it sometimes isn't.

    We may never lose that part from us ever again, and we may never get the part lost from us ever back again, but we can love again with all that there's left with us and love with all that there is.

    We do know one thing, there are parts of us from people we once loved, and will always be and we always carry it around with us no matter who we find next.


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