• faithwriteups 21w


    All she wanted was her bag as the man dragged it from her he was meant to take her home she paid him full from her office..
    She was scared as she found her self on the road alone..
    She decided pass that route alone because it was closer to her house..
    The night was cold because of the rain
    She was panting heavily now and felt dizzy..
    she said a quick prayer to God that she would get home safely..
    Just as she felt something hit her leg a metal object she heard a car honk behind her..
    She turned and saw her co-worker smiling at her from the car
    “hey Lillian what are you doing here at this time” she said bewildered.
    “I took a cab and it's a really long story” she said tired
    “just hop in and tell me all about it” she beckoned
    She got in and started to narrate the story.. that was when she spotted it
    She was surprise and in shock..
    what were the odds..