• kt_shiningstar 5w

    Dads birthday

    The clocks may have stopped ticking,
    The years may not add on,
    But remember Dad for his life,
    Not of why he is now gone.

    Celebrate his life as joyfully as you can,
    Our hearts may weigh heavy,
    But that wouldn't be Dads plan.

    The tears they can flow,
    Maybe more today then tomorrow,
    But be strong and stand together,
    And make this day worth while.

    Dad it is your birthday,
    We are sending so much love,
    We wish we could see you and hold you,
    Its the hardest part of today.

    I'll cherish the time we had,
    The memories we have all made,
    Sing to the songs that I know you enjoyed,
    And remember your smile as you'd dance the night away.