• chongtilongshe 10w

    Where will you be when the trumpet sounds When the call comes with an amazing surprise A shout is heard by all who leave these grounds And all the dead and alive in Christ shall arise How will you explain; of the missing is found While Satan bombards the media with his lies Millions disappear as an army calls up the hounds Gone with no trace of any, as hearts in agony cries Graves are open, cribs are empty, the trumpet sounds Delusions, signs, and wonders as the evil one abides Deception is real in all as this darkness abounds While behind the scenes, This world in sin resides What will you be doing when the trumpet sounds One of two in the fields is taken up beyond the skies The other is left behind, in fear an empty heart pounds To meet the Lord in the air as the Bible so describes All believers united with praise as heaven resounds The judgment of God on this earth will truly abide In tribulation to all clothed with the unbeliever's gown Their destination set: in their sins they chose to hide To this end, eternal fire in hell to be cast down