• andyhoffman 10w

    My Darkest Days

    Most never experience days of the Dark.
    Most will never have a the pleasures to make there mark.
    I have had ups and alot of downs.
    I have wore smiles but made them into frowns.
    Struggled with this life for most of the part.
    Wearing big boy clothes i show the wrong people my huge heart.
    Struggled with addiction for more than 15 years.
    Struggled with be alone is one of my fears.
    Watching my loved ones see me hurt myself more each day
    Wanting to die and seemed like a real reason to put to rest my heart from decay.
    Let downs from the ones who meant
    The world to me.
    Hurting them back in similar ways so the could see.
    Playing with fire and you will burn.
    Making a happy man into a lunatic.. Playfulness its my turn.
    Flipping your world upside down.
    Sink or swim just dont sit there and drown.
    Hated by many and loved my few.
    Not giving a whole lot of fucks i thought you knew..
    Here is what ill do... Give you a clue..
    If i was as harsh to you like you were me..
    You would want someone to see your feeling be let free.
    Hate me for who i am hate me for the ways i write.
    But never hate your self for loosing the sight.
    Always want the devil around.
    Hatred laughter and a slap is all i hear the sound.
    Straight to the ring with that ground pound. .

    Blood splattered all over the wall..
    No one but crazy who you going to call.
    Body bags were clear at thw morg.
    Fuck the knife bitch use the sword.
    Get deep down with no defeat..
    Confused on how i write.
    Number 345.. Its going to be a while take a seat