• doughty 5w

    Trickles of affection falls into the lake
    Followed by love, trust,loyalty and smiles for a sake
    To unite, connect,give and take
    In a world covered with sensual petals.

    Golden rays from the sun radiate the radiance of the lake;
    Made translucent by the soothing Sparks from the white unicorn -
    The guardian of lovers who indeed love.

    Fealty must all lovers pay to the lake -
    A drop of blood for each of the sake
    For love, for trust, loyalty and smiles.
    The fealty- an oath, bond and sacrifice
    To woven emotions with content and appeal
    And detect lust, sham and deceits.

    But do lovers exists or loyalty exists?
    Cause with every blood she drops the lake weeps
    And with every vow the unicorn cringes
    Till their endurance wanes, and their spirit dies
    Leaving them broken robbed of affections and care

    © Lanlehin Habeeb ( doughty)