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    Had fun doing this collaboration with someone I admire very much!
    She took the first set of stanzas and I added mine.

    Hibernating animals, becoming well fed,
    Preparing for slumber, an all winter sleep,
    Vivid leaves colors brown, gold and red,
    Fireplaces cleaned by chimney sweeps.

    Hay for animals to be stacked in the barn,
    Bon fires built as marshmallows we torch,
    Grandma knitting with fall colored yarn,
    Jack o' lanterns sitting upon the porch.

    Children get ready to trick or to treat,
    Dressing in costumes of fairies and ghosts,
    Sipping warm cider, while on banquets we feast,
    As winter comes closer, we pull out our coats.

    Lively festivities with family and friends,
    We'll wait by the window for snow to appear,
    See, all good things never come to an end,
    Because everything's set for the best time of year.

    ©raven63 ©crogers180

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    The Best Time of Year

    ( by @raven63 and @crogers180 )