• thatrandomgirl 6w

    Dark and Beautiful

    The colour of your skin is beautiful
    Pale and white
    Just like how it should be
    You don't even need make up
    The colour of your skin is enough
    Making you instantly beautiful
    You'll grow up
    To be a beautiful young girl
    Admired by all, you'll find no trouble
    In finding a suitable boy
    Just avoid the sun you see
    We don't want your colour
    To be tainted by the sun, now do we?
    And do not forget the turmeric paste
    You're fair, but a lil more white
    Doesn't hurts right?

    These are some of the things
    I've heard while growing up
    As a child I thought of them as compliments
    I mean what else could a girl want right?
    It was after growing up I realised
    The colour of my skin doesn't makes me special or more deserving
    Than my darker sisters
    Who wear their chocolate coloured skin
    Without any shame
    Yet they are discriminated for something
    As simple as the colour of their skin
    I mean it was just the lack of melanin
    I had right?

    I wish I could reach out to
    Every dark girl out there
    Who despises the colour of her skin
    Who's been told that
    She's anything less than beautiful
    Who's been deceived her entire life
    That dark is ugly
    I wish I could tell you that
    You're a masterpiece
    Created by God Himself.

    Their minds are ugly
    Too blinded to see anything beyond white
    Your colour is precious
    Never let anyone tell you otherwise
    Embrace your dark skin
    It is rare, just like you.