• raireponte 31w

    NOTE to SELF

    1. Create timelines. It's not about rushing things out. Timetables are associated with hard work. The more you set target dates, the eager you are to achieve them.

    2. Value the essence of time. Time is precious. Don't spend it on things that don't bear productivity.

    3. Be mature in all sense. Avoid small talks. Don't rely on extremely petty stories.

    4. Never stop learning. You will not grasp the answers to your questions if you block yourself from learning new things. The knowledge that will be gained gives light to one's future's endeavors.

    5. Be independent. Never rely on other people's decisions. Create your own goals and don't let their voices alter your future plans.

    6. Cultivate positive crops. Stay optimistic amidst discouraging scenarios. Failures are temporary.

    7. Trust GOD's timing. If things don't fall in its proper place with your expected time, learn to wait and be positive towards His plan.

    8. Exert effort to realize success. Hard work and dedication equate achievement to one's goal. Your effort is the sole basis of the target outcome.

    9. Prioritize inner voice. Other people's opinions are