• thebedroomdiaries 10w


    If there was, a way, that I, could end up, stopping time, there would be, a number of things, I would like to do, as to keep, the best ones of all, is that of your sweet lips, pressed against mine, with our bodies, held tightly, against each other, as our passions, arise from one another, as my hands, would slowly slide, along your curves, yearning, to give them, the attention, they deserve, as my name, in your voice, being whispered, is the sweetest sound, that I have ever heard, for your sparkling, blue eyes, are filled with desire, fanning my own need, into a raging fire, so fierce, it cannot be contained, with no words, that can be explained.

    So now, here we are, frozen, together, forever, as our lives, are no longer, paralleled, but have merged, to become one, in body, mind, spirit and heart, to show the world, that love, does exist, that love, does conquer, that love, will prevail, as you and I, are in this time, of what is yours, is mine, as now, from each moment, to the next, as we face life and love, always.