• ankitatripathy 30w

    I miss his love,
    I feel that he doesn't care for me anymore
    From being a queen to an unknown
    He did it all

    All the time being blamed
    Makes me let down
    I wish life was so easy to be constant in someone's life,
    I wish everything was so mesmerizing
    That I he would pamper me like before
    All those forehead kisses,cuddle,care
    Removing my hairs from my face,
    Hugging from behind
    Giving surprises
    Everything faded with time
    And now he is no more longing to be with me
    He no more seeks to spend time with me
    Wasting days but ego being his priority
    Never could he be sorry for wat he did
    Wat game is it, being in love
    He even forgot what he promised me
    The days are passing by
    And this relationship is loosing it's charm
    We r getting dispatched with fraction of time
    I am scared to spend time with u,thinking we may end up fighting