• alisdaire_ocaoimph 36w


    It's a fall down the stairs
    the deliberate action of miss guided steps
    rotates the axis of body and form 
    That crashes fast the nightmare.
    I agonize to the pits decay
    the frolicking thoughts
    there displayed
    against the window frame
    the sheared glass
    Where drips the red dye of life.
    Crimson seeds populate the fragile
    delicate balance of pain
    To the nightly screams that draw 
    Fills one sore to the unenlightened refrain.
    Ticking its seconds
    awaiting some external cure
    Bordering upon a fancy
    Lusting deaths mask to sweep and bind
    The lonely hour
    The desperate sigh.
    Raging inside
    begging between the damned
    and some hope for light
    encouraged in the sinking
    that choking plea
    strangling the inconsistencies
    I court the dark riders course
    hoofs pounding nearer
    the hearts remorse
    Fades the gasp
    Of suicide.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph