• theinfiniteabsolute 5w

    It's neither black nor is it white,
    That which I fear hides in plain sight.

    He cherishes the dirt and feeds on pain,
    Death's admirer, they call him insane.

    You'll follow his ques without a doubt,
    His whispers within have a powerful mouth.

    Born of Angels under his silver skin,
    Are remedies engraved for every sin.

    The voids between a beating heart's pulse,
    Is where he lives in his castle of skulls.

    The devil, his disciple, he's worshipped by God,
    His ignorant presence is far beyond.

    His being within, makes me whole,
    Just as the moon, he's the dark side of my soul.

    Everyday I wear a mask,
    Performing the hidden task.

    I am who I fear,
    stabbing myself with an invisible spear.

    Lived off sins,
    And yet, You think
    Your Gods will keep you fine?

    Take me to your darkest corner,
    And watch your demons
    Surrender to mine.

    ©Rahul Arora