• tamanna3 6w

    Remember to #breathe

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    Stop the clock,
    Stop the ticking!

    I can't bear the sound,
    The sight of its hands moving,
    Their movements swaying
    my already flickering flame.

    I'm running out of oxygen,
    Atleast in my mind, but I'm dieing,
    I can't tell how long untill
    I pass out.
    I can't believe it's happening,
    All this time, I believed
    Life is a sweet melody,
    I never knew heartbreaks,
    Maybe I never learned to love,
    Or perhaps no one loved me enough
    To let me live by myself.

    But I'm dieing,
    All this time I've been dieing.
    What else do you call someone,
    Who forgets to breathe.
    I realised noone reminded me of this,
    They only told me of the clock's ticking,
    That's how I came to fear,
    The clock and its hands,
    Minutes and hours,
    Passing like waves from my feet,
    And all I do is stand still,
    Choking in the air ripped of oxygen,
    By the burning flame of life.

    "Stop panting" they say,
    "You're exhausting all the oxygen left",
    I say "Isn't there a lot of air?"
    The clocks and the flames reply,
    "Not untill you remember
    to breathe"