• khishame 10w

    {MOON SLICER}episode 5

    Yiko was feared by everyone in his school with led to the result of him not having friends (no one would speak,eat or walk close to him),he was all alone.One day a new student was transferred to his school her name was Jenifer.she was the first person to speak to yiko.They soon became best of friends (for the first time yiko felt happy going to school). The other students warn Jenifer about yiko's ability but she didn't listen.She always made yiko smile.

    One day Jenifer was heading to school ,she was then stopped by a gang of boys.She started being scared(the gang tied her up and went to the woods with her). When yiko was on his way to school he sensed that Jenifer was in triable so he ran to the woods as fast as he can (the fear of Jenifer getting hurt awaked his animal side which started to transform him as he run, he grow hair all over his body,had claws for nails and large ear like a dog{This transformation is called NEKO TRANSFORMATION}) when he got there he killed the gang with a blink of an eye. When he looked at Jenifer he started to calm down knowing that she is safe(which transformed him back to his human self),when Jenifer saw what yiko was THE MONSTER she then pass out in fear.The police found her in the wood passed out and next to her were dead bodies. When she woke up she explained to the police that yiko was THE MONSTER everyone feared , when the police heard that they went to the hiker's house to catch yiko.When the hiker heard that they were living with a monster in they're house they started becoming scared.Then the police started searching the house but yiko was not in it.