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    Dear lost love

    I hope you are doing fine
    I wish you get on cloud nine
    I still remember our last glass of wine
    I miss the times when I called you mine.
    I am sorry I just watched you fall
    I still remember the first time you called
    I miss how before my problems you stood tall
    I curse myself whenever I recall.

    I wish I wouldn't push you into such plight
    I curse myself now for every single fight
    You gave me flowers, and I caused your blight.
    I remember how despite everything, you hugged me tight
    and then how you held my hand and walked through the night
    Now, I now just wish I could make things right.

    Dear lost love,

    I miss how every time I laughed hard,
    You looked at me and asked "Are you fine?"
    I curse myself for putting you through such misery,
    When all you ever prayed was for me to shine.
    Well no words I write can ever say,
    How much I regret every day.
    Yet, I am a writer
    all I can do is spill ink over all this fuss,
    hoping you understand,
    I miss the time when me and you were us.

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    Dear lost love

    They say I should write our tale, but
    some tales are written right from the heaven above
    no, wrong are those who call it a love story
    it was always something much stronger than love.