• tanusaddiction 50w

    Drained of energy,
    Frustrated by my ineffectual deeds
    Unappreciated for my hard work
    Stressed out by the unnecessary political games,
    Disheartened by people's duplicity,
    I drag my monotonous work day to an end

    The night brings with it,
    A surcease to the suffering,
    A breath of freshness,
    A moment of calm reflection for my chaotic mind
    As I finally pour out my welling emotions,
    And share my pain, in the form of words.

    Each word I write,
    Refreshes my soul,
    And brings back my lost vigour,
    Gives me the strength to tackle,
    The challenges that may come my way,
    And gives me hope for a better outcome,
    Of the new day yet to come.