• carolswanson 45w

    just playing with rhymes

    they talk about me everyday but I ignore evrything they have to say
    I'm not saying I know it all but shit were was they when I tried to call
    when I am down and out needing a friend who was standing there with me in the end
    no time for a wanna be claim to be never will be and will never compare to me since there's only 1 of me
    when your word is all you got and staying real is a quality in loyalty and that you are not
    I think about tomorrow next week and even next year and I know these truth ya dont wana hear I'm sorry my dear
    it's a cold world we living in and we only get one we have to stay focused but not forget to have a little bit of fun
    I'm sorry your illiterate and confused but my body or mind will never b disrespected or used
    I'm tall stand above it all while I witness your fall