• temi_faniyi 5w

    I thought our bond and connection was deep
    I thought we had an unbreakable Chemistry
    That no equation of physics could counter
    I thought our biology was compatible and it rooted from the stem that couldn’t be broken .
    Now you giving me geographical location of our relations and connection of our chemistry and telling how physics countered our biology cause it was not solid enough
    And Now we are History .
    We can’t rule together but divide our government and rule apart
    But I don’t understand all this literature you are giving , I want no division , but I want us to be unified on this land . With the the religious knowledge and studies of a friend. I feel this is international relations and my friend in law can help settle this . Don’t let us be history cos I’m love sick for you and I’ll call you a doctor to bring you back to life or and engineer to fix you.