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    The clock never stopped ticking, as much as my heart never stopped beating. With every second that passed along, my pillow would soak more and more of my tears. The warm tears, fighting with the cold pillow... My mind, once again, races towards the moments which ripped my heart. The moments, I thought I forgot, which I tried to forget. They stood there, as a strong pillar of probing questions to my extant and its meaning. I continue, finding the answers which came in the form of snubs and slights from everyone but my own people. My own family, stitching my personality with comparisons. I believed in myself, more than them, I was sure. But, people won't make jibes about a single failure everytime I tried to argue with them. They won't, until I committed a sin while failure gripped me tight.

    The dawn whispered me about the end of my solitude. Three angels waiting for me, on the other side of the phone. Will I get to share with them my efforts? The efforts to stop the ticking clock inside my soul? Will they add to the mountain of judgements, just like others did? Tears managed to flow through my lips stretched up, when I felt the warm embrace in their words. And finally, they explained to me, that you live life not for yourself but for the people who care about you, for the people who love you. They explained that, in this mortal world, the most beautiful immortal existence was the ocean of friendship. Which brews the beans of love, right into your heart and your heart clutches it hard while the storms of mishaps shook you off.

    (Non fiction)
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    Your mental health, is more important than any fashion or trend the world is following.

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    //Friends are the elixir to every malady of the world, being induced in you.//