• awtoe_the_wise 30w

    Time in a bottle

    If you had time in a bottle and you cast it out to sea.
    Threw all the rough waters, would it find it's way to me?
    Would it be half full, or the glass half empty?
    Would i find lost time, So i would have plenty?
    Or just slip threw my fingers like sands in the hour glass?
    The longer you live the quicker it seems to pass.
    As the hands on the clock go tick- tock.
    It's a roller coaster ride that you can't stop.
    Take this watch may it bring you only good time.
    It's all around us but it's so hard to find.
    The Inner Minds Eye witnesses all  that has passed.
    The times are changing for it was never meant to last.
    Could you spare a moment, or you can borrow mine?
    And if i gave you forever, would you have the time.....?