• katierussell_ 5w

    No One Else But You

    You saw me drowning,
    Your natural instinct was to rescue me;
    This isn’t the first time you’ve came to my aid.
    You grabbed me and didn’t let go,
    You pulled me out of the quick sand;
    You helped me land on solid ground.
    You saw the danger ahead of me,
    What was trying to swallow me up.
    You showed me the safe pathway,
    I was scared to go alone
    I wanted to hold your hand the whole way,
    But you knew I had to go alone;
    You were right.
    I was scared I wouldn’t see you on the other side,
    You were scared too;
    But you knew I would always carry a piece of you with me
    And that you would always have a piece of me.

    - Katie Russell