• ameley 10w

    Staring at you in my mind. Seeing it so real because I stare at a picture of yours.
    All I see is happy times. Laughing and teasing at each other.
    Laying in between your legs and feel your arms around me. Staring at nature as it displays it's beauty. Looking at you, i realize how much we were connected. Realizing we had alot in common as we got to know each other. And it is obvious that thickened our bound, making it much difficult to break.
    Staring at you, I see alot of things I would've love to do with you.
    So much we would lose count or even remember how we started, to tell our story one day.
    But oh, it's all an imagination. How wild the mind can be at imaging right?
    Staring at your picture says alot about us.