• chumkipm 5w

    Stardust of true love

    It's not lust but still I got lost.
    In his eyes I found true love.
    I feel complete when I see through his eyes.
    He waits for me when I run forward to rise.
    I want to touch the sky but it's getting more and more high.
    If I get short, he catches me and get hurt.
    If there is no magic, then how can you touch my soul?
    Cause, there is no shortcut road.
    Maybe it's your stardust that you make me feel ofcourse.
    Maybe it' stardust of love inside me which is about to burst.
    There was no lust, so I got lost in your true love.
    Now, I believe in angelic magic cause I have experienced stardust.
    Stardust of true love.
    I have loved you for years.
    I am your girl.
    Many more years to come
    So, no need to fear.
    Cause this is
    Stardust of true love.