• roxana91 5w

    I don't want

    I don't want to have you -
    Just like a wonderful dream.
    I don't want to have you -
    Just in my imagination.

    I don't want to see you -
    Just when I close my eyes.
    I want to bring you -
    Into my reality.

    Your smile kills my tears,
    Your heart melts my heart from the chest.
    The shape of your hands
    Take the shape of my prayers.

    I will climb mountains and then descend hills,
    I will dance alone until I invite you to dance,
    I will learn more about you
    When you will be silent.

    The sun brings us another day,
    My mind brings other ideas,
    But when I see you,
    My face freezes, as the words...

    I will look up to see you,
    I will say the first "Hello",
    You don't see how time runs
    And we run after it?