• deepesh_shukla 10w

    If only I had listen to my instincts
    Fragments of solace would not have been extinct
    Vacuous mistakes they really do exist
    Come back with scars, inside head they persist
    heathens of regrets, they're hard to resist
    Drank more than I should now it's hard to breathe
    Soothsayer heeded about the ominous scenes
    I choose the apathy got lost in virtual serene
    Silhouette of past now fading away from me
    Taught the myths of demonic errors within
    Unwinding the irreversible, hard to be free
    How can I forgive what is already fading
    Fight though is still there in pictures of him
    Cleansing faults and harnessing bliss
    Never avoid fate when its starts preaching

    @mirakee @purple_river @writersnetwork @pankaj_rikhari @i_write_nothing__ #regrets #pod

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    Unwinding the irreversible