• aknownunknown 10w

    In the spaces between your memories, love transcends through roads. An ecospace, where leaving is a mile high mountain, and staying, a bar where lovers die. A downtown, where cars lose tracks of their lives, and crash into destinies where bad luck awaits their insanity. We hang on to the trees in the name of shade, with torn off clothes and bruises all over our bodies. We're slut shamed crazy, just because our mouths once burnt with mad love.

    I look into your eyes, for probably years, dying to survive. It feels like the easiest thing to do, especially when my eyes find you through the densest of hues. Rains clutter over my hay of thoughts, where you murmur unrhymed melodies of heartbreaks that didn't exist.

    I fail to comprehend tears, that sway through the galleries of your eyelids. I've witnessed civilisations rot in the name of sin, but never a goddess sinning with her mouths wide open, only to cry harder like nothing ever happened.

    I graze through your diaries, trying to make sense of what you mean. And I find demonic scribbles in the name of poetry & romance, where logic makes out with stupidity. Why do you say you love me, when you leave your thoughts at bay with someone else?

    There are unseen lights that penetrate into your lonely shadows, where skies reverberate promises on the verge of death. There is still a lot to be done. There's still a lot that's left to see, yet I lose all my senses when I see you on the other side of the sea. My feelings take a U-turn, and all I see is unforeseen futures depicting my sleep amidst quicksands.

    My legs don't stop, as I keep moving along the memoirs of our seamless memories. Then I step over a warm crab, that tickles enough for me to cry. It envelopes me in it's arms, and devours my neck to the point where my angst glaciates through endless streams of rivers. They all bank at the tipping point of our lips, where centuries coalesce to fill a void certain to permeate.

    Do things die after a while, or do they find new homes?

    What is love and how does it find us?

    Or do I even remember how love feels like, while you just find me whenever I fail to find myself?

    I'd never know the answers, but I'd always know one thing for sure.

    That your arms are warm. And I would fight with my life to be inside those, even if you don't like it.

    Because mind you, unlike everyone else, I really can't live without you. :)

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    There is still a lot to be done.