• davetrotter 5w

    God loves and forgives you thru His Son Jesus Christ you are saved from Hell to Heaven.

    The important thing in life is that you understand that God knows you and you know and understand God with your whole heart.
    That you belong to God thru Jesus Christ God's Son. For the only way you can belong to God is thru Jesus Christ living in your heart.
    For Gods Spiritual eternal life in God's Spirit to be living in your heart is thru Jesus Christ.
    God understands you.
    God knows your dilemmas in life and so God wants you to trust God with your life.
    God wants you to depend on Him for your life.
    GOD wants you to be careful that you do not give your dependency to the government, or anyone else, or anything else above trusting in God. For your life is to be lived in and for God.
    Not for selfish reasons or for someone else above God.God is to be your Supreme and no one else. God blesses those who love Him and obey His commands. ┬ędavetrotter